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About Morghulis

Social, Mature, Gaming Community founded in March 2016 on Black Desert Online. Morghulis has now evolved into an extra large community playing a range of games and is always looking to welcome new members.

The Community

Sharing our love with gaming and strengthening our community are the foundations of Morghulis. By being a proactive member in our community and being hands on from game to game, we aim to ensure that our community continues to grow and strengthen with us.

The Members

We are thrilled to share our passion for Gaming with you and we are thankful for the help we’ve received along the way. We couldn’t be here without the members of our community and the many individuals supporting us!


This is a list of games, Morghulis is active on.

Join: Black Desert Online

Jordine Server - English, PVP / PVE

Join: World Of Warcraft

Realm EU Kazzak - English, PVP

Join: Overwatch

Group up and fight em all!

Join: League of Legends

United we win all matches!

Join: Smite

Become the strongest Gods!

Many More!

Check our Discord, for other games.

Join Us - Discord

We use Discord for managing our community, Discord is a voice and text chat system that lets you communicate with other people who might be playing the same game as you. Anyone can create a server to host whatever discussion they want. There is a server set up for Eve: Valkyrie, and quite a community has formed there. You can find people to talk about Valkyrie and to form squads with most times of day.

  • Step 1:

    Getting Discord installed

    It's also a good idea to install one of the native clients for Discord rather than using the web interface. It'll use less of your computer's resources and generally run better than the web version. You can download a native Discord client here: Download Discord!

  • Step 2:

    Joining the Server.

    First of all, you need an invitation to the Morghulis Discord server. Join Morghulis Discord Server! Follow that link and then create yourself a free account. As soon as you've logged in, you'll be connected to the server.

  • Step 3:

    Making an Account

    Up the top, an obvious banner appears that prompts you to claim your account and therefore claim your username. This enables you to in future log into Discord and re-connect to the server and instantly be reconnected to the chat and/or voice channels of the servers that you connect to.

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